It’s written in the Talmud (Senhadrin 108), Rabbi Ishmael is of the opinion that even on Noah was supposed to be destroyed in the flood, but he found favour in the eyes of Hashem and he was saved. A question may be asked here: Doesn’t the Torah says regarding Noah that he was a righteous, innocent, and a G-d fearing man, so why does Rabbi Ishmael thinks that Noah should have been destroyed in the flood?

It will be clear from the Zohar( Parashat Noah,C.29,v.1) which says that when Noah left the Ark and saw the world destroyed he shouted before Hashem and said:” Ruler of the world, You are called the Merciful, You should have been merciful on your creation”. And Hashem answered Noah:” Foolish Sheppard! Now you tell me this? why didn’t you tell me I told you in a softer language “I am about to bring a delusion”, and because you heard that you are to be saved in an Ark, no thought came to your heart to ask for mercy on the rest of the world. Now that all is lost, you have opened your mouth to say before me prayers and mercy.